Salcombe Community Gospel Choir News

Choir News 10/4/18

Dear Member,

                It was great to see so many of you at choir after a few weeks off. We hope you all enjoyed being back and we shall you al there on Thursday. Altos have an earlier rehearsal at 7pm, with the rest of the choir at 7:45pm. See you on Thursday.

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SCGC News 5/3/18

Dear Member,

                Thank you all very much for being so considerate about us cancelling choir at the last minute, last week, but I am sure that you will all appreciate that it just wasn’t safe nor wise to venture out in the snow last week. Any who we shall be meeting again this week, at 7:30pm on Thursday at Salcombe Church. There are a number of events coming up and some important news coming your way so please do pay attention to your emails and the website. See you all on Thursday.

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Salcombe Community Gospel Choir Newsletter 13th February 2018

Dear member,

It has been really great to see you all since we restarted singing at the start of the month. We have certainly had some really good relaxing sessions to kick the term off. The committee had a meeting yesterday and we have agreed on a number of thing, including term dates, which can be found on the website, along with a copy of this newsletter, See you all on Thursday.

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SCGC Newsletter 24th January 2018

Dear Member,

Happy new year to everyone on behalf of the committee. Our first practise back shall be on the 1st of February from 7:30pm at Salcombe church, weekly until Easter. The committee shall have their first meeting on the 9th of February so if there is anything you would like to be discussed be do get in touch. Otherwise, see you all on the 1st.

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SCGC News 12/12/17

Dear Member,

                As you know this is our week of rehearsals before Christmas and shall be taking some time off between now and February. As this is our last week, we shall be having a Christmas social in church, from 7:30pm, we are all looking forward to seeing you then. This shall be the last newsletter before we meet again in February, although I shall keep you posted of anything that is noteworthy. I apologise about there being no newsletter but I was completely snowed (not literally ) under with other things, but nothing came up that wasn’t in the last newsletter.

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